Budapest transnational meeting: 20-21-6. 2021 HUNGARY Kick off  meeting was held  in Budapest, Hungary. Prior to this meeting and on this meeting several practical points were elaborated and arranged. The meeting  allowed all the partners to know each other, to discuss about the project design and its timeline, to revise the planning project, Mto clarify the distribution of responsibilities, to plan and to take the main decisions about the future activities. We shared the resluts of survey done about ways how sport is used for stress management and mindfulnes and shared the tasks for collection of best  educational practices.  Patners spent time learining basics of tequis and fencing and we celebrated Internatinal day of Yoga by practising it on the riverside of the Danube.


Krakow transnational meeting: 5-6.05.2022. POLAND The 3th Transnational Meeting allowed all the partners to develop a joint reflexion on the overall evaluation. Hosting organization, Sailng Club Horn organized several activities for memebers of the team and public.  Team tested our methods through nordic walk tour around lake Bagry where Horn helds it’s activities. We demonstrated our methods in SUP and sailing. Find more in our newsletter StressLess- Manual – YouTube